Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ok, I Finally did it!

I told myself I would never do this-I mean, I'm a single mom of 3-most days I don't have time to shower, let alone BLOG! lol But, why not? It's a great way to share pictures and thoughts! Plus there's the age-old reason: Everyone else is doing it! hahahaha
Ok, so where to start? Well, I suppose I could just start with today, huh?

Let's see, today was yet ANOTHER snow day!!! I am counting down the days till Spring, when you know that Mon-Fri there is school-no surprises first thing! Don't get me wrong-I love my boys more than anything else in the world, but when we're going on about 8 or 9 snow days.......

So I was woken by Marshall, calling from his room (because actually getting out of his bed and coming itno my room was obviously out of the question!) "Is today a snow day Mommy?" To which the reply (before I could answer) was a "Whaaaaaa" from Owen. Goody! Now every chance of possibly sleeping in is gone-and technically, it wasn't even time to get up yet!
So I laid there for a few minutes and Owen didn't make anymore sounds. Yay!! Marshall went and quietly played in Evan's room and it was 7:30 before Owen was awake again. I got up with Owen and sat on the couch, watching Holmes on Homes on HGTV (my goodness he's a nice thig to look at early in the morning! lol) while Owen drank a cup of milk. Marshall and Evan were up before the show was over, then it was breakfast.
Got the kids back into their rooms to clean them (apparently chore charts and allowance aren't enough of an incentive to keep them clean!). I even went so far as to take the broom and sweep EVERYTHING out from under their beds (yes, cruel I know! lol) But it didn't take them as long as I thought it would. As soon as they were done, they wanted to go outside, if you can imagine. It was raining and there was snow on the ground-I'm sure you can just imagine how wet they were when they came back in 45 minutes later!! The snowpants, coats, hats and mitts are all in the tub, waiting to go in the dryer, and the boots are in front of the heater. But they had fun, and that's all that matters!
Now it's close to 3pm and Owen has been napping since 1, so I should probably get off here if I want a shower today! rofl