Monday, March 10, 2008

Whew! Survived March Break-barely!

Well, school's back in!! Routine!! Woo hoo!!!! I don't think my house could take another day off!

Sadly, I hate to admit this, but I spent almost 1 whole hour doing dishes!!! :O And I went to do laundry-no laundry soap!! OF COURSE!! And Owen was already napping before I noticed this, so no doing laundry today!! We'll just have to go out tomorrow morning and get some. Thank goodness I wasn't too far behind, or we'd be in trouble for sure!

So here's how March Break went: started off pretty good, actually. BUT the night where we had that first rain storm (the one that put the boil-order on the FIRST time), my downstairs neighbor came up and asked to check Evan's window (she's the super, too) so we go check it out. His window was shut and dry-but the hole in the wall was leaking water into his carpet, and down into her daughter's ceiling!! So she came up with a work-order for me to sign (obviously they haven't been here yet, since we've had crappy weather and all). Well, I noticed yesterday that it's starting to smell in there a bit and Evan hasn't really been feeling well-so he's going to the Dr's on Thursday. But at least the carpet is dry, right ;)

The rest of the week was pretty un-eventful-did a couple people's taxes and got some spending money :) . I tried to take the older 2 to the movie theatre on Thursday, for the $2 movies. We got there 1 hour before our show, but they were ALL sold out for every show!! So I just stayed in line and we got ticket's for Friday's show, then went down to the mall so I could make change for the bus. I made the change by buying them some timbits ;) All was forgiven for not going to a movie! lol
Friday we went to the movie-The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, A Veggie Tale Movie. OMG!! It was so cute!!! The boys had a blast! The food for 3 of us cost me a whopping $25!!!! YIKES!! Next time I'll buy the LARGE pop and LARGE popcorn and we will SHARE :) After the movie it was over to Michael's to get the plant pots for Marshall's b-day party at the end of the month (they were on 1/2 price so I HAD to get them!), then on the bus to the Superstore (don't even get me started on the line-ups there!!!)
Then on Saturday, we used one of our 3 Family Passes to the Museum. The boys had fun walking through all 3 floors before I let them go play in the Discover Room. On the 1st floor they had a place to make their own get-the-ball-in-the-cup toy (don't remember what they're called! lol) out of Dixie Cups and the empty plastic eggs from the Kinder Surprise. They had a lot of fun tryign to get those to work! But when we got back around to the beginning of the first floor, I was surprised to see the exhibit that I saw-VERY un-kid friendly and very inappropriate for a family going through. Of course, mine went through trying to find that "big ugly bug" that was there when we went back in October. (I was lucky that they settled for seeing the big millipede on the 2nd floor!) When we were walking around the 2nd floor, Owen's stroller went under the big turtle hanging out from the wall. He looked up, pointed and said "Tootull" I was like "OMG! He just said "Turtle"!!! He was QUITE pleased with himself!! lol
Saturday night Marshall and Evan stayed the night at my parents' house, and because he was alone, Owen decided he wasn't in the mood to sleep, and was up until almost 9:30pm!! He's usually in bed by 8......
Sunday Marshall and Evan had a b-day party to go to (which I made the cake for-more spending money! woohoo!!) at McDonald's, so we'll see how long it is before they end up with a cold. They ALWAYS do when they play there1 :s

So HOPEFULLY now that everyone is back to routines, and I'm back to myself, maybe I can get back to scrapbooking!! My stuff had been packed for 2 weeks now-I STILL have not unpacked from an all-day crop I went to on Feb 24!!!! EEEK!