Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh My, What a Day!

Well, it's Monday, Victoria Day. It's only 9:15 am and boys oh boys I REALLY wish it wasn't raining!! I'm ready to ship them outside in boots and raincoats! lol
So I got thinking last night and it seems like my scrapping mojo hits me during the day, when it is IMPOSSIBLE to scrapbook :s So I got thinking, and I'm going to buy one of those armoir computer desks, but use it for scrapping instead :D That way, I can scrap whenever the mood strikes me, and I don't having to worry about putting it all away so we can eat! lol
I guess I'm just really missing my scraproom lately, but if I have to choose a scraproom or the boys having their own rooms, I'll let them have their own rooms for sure!! They definitely need their own space-they'd kill each other if they didn't, I can almost guarantee it!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Am I Crazy or Something??

Ok, so all month I've been soooooo excited to go to a scrapbooking crop that was this past Friday-knew a lot of the girls that were going, plus my mom was with me too. Ron came up and stayed with the boys and he lent me his truck cuz Dad was out fishing.
The crop was from 4-midnight. Eight hours of uninterrupted scrapping time-a definite rarity in my life! I packed all my stuff and couldn't wait to get there. We got there around 6, which was fine. We'd stopped to get something for supper and some treats. This was a no-frills crop to raise money for a friend's charity-a great cause so we didn't mind bringing our own food.
So I ate as soon as I got there cuz I knew once I got into my projects, I wouldn't want to stop. Well, I hummed and hawed for a bit, looked at some sketches, looked at pictures and papers until I finally got my mojo going-a little. Then my head started hurting. I kept feeling like I wanted to cry! I called home to see how the kids were-they were all sleeping cuz it was about 8:30, past bedtime. Headache got worse and my mojo was slowly slipping away. Mom sent me to get something to eat since all I had was a salad. I felt a little better, but that panic-y feeling wouldn't go away which made my head worse. We ended up leaving around 9:30. I felt better once I was home and took a couple Tylenol.

I feel like such a dork! I mean, you know I don't get out without my kids nearly enough when I get panic attacks by leaving them! I mean, they were with their Dad, in their own home and they were sleeping! I had his car so it's not even like he could've taken them somewhere! Like seriously!! I was about 10 minutes away from them! What is wrong with me!??!?!
I know what's wrong with me-since January, I have not left my kids other than to get groceries, and the 1 time I did leave them for a day, I could practically see my house from where I was. I haven't been further than the Superstore without at least one of my kids with me since January. I don't even know the last time I got a sitter to watch them so I could go out (Mom doesn't count, really).
So obviously I'm going to be calling the doctor. I can't function like this! It's insane! I mean, I used to have a sitter come over EVERY Friday night so I could go down to the Scrap Pad-and I had no way there except a cab!
Maybe it was that I had my own way there and back-I knew I could leave at anytime. Or maybe I missed my kids!
I don't know what it was, but I know I didn't like feeling that way-helpless and scared and wanting to cry. I'm calling the doctor on Tuesday and getting it checked out. I need help!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well, it's Wednesday

Owen has woken up for the past 2 nights. The night before last it was around 3am, last night it was 1:30am. So I'm just about running on empty. I was going to take a nap when he went down this morning, but I NEEDED to clean cuz we're getting a kitten tonight and I wanted the place spic-and-span when he/she got here. Call me crazy but we had a cat before and it liked to pee on things so I'm just scared of that happening again!!
So starting at 10:30am, when Owen went for a nap, I did: dishes, cleaned the counters, stove, washer and fridge, washed the table and chairs, high chair, then the bathrooms (i even washed the walls of the tub, which I barely ever do!), swept, mopped (even the bathroom floors!) then cleaned the living room so it's ready to vacuum when Owen gets up. I'm also doing laundry. And you know what? I have more energy AFTER doing all that, than when I started!!!

So, yeah, I broke down and decided to get one of Mom's kittens. It's orange and looks like my old cat, Taco. Even the boys want to name him Taco! lol Owen is pretty good with him too, so that's good. Mom's bathing him this afternoon and we'll be getting him after supper.

I am soooooo sick of this wind!! It's driving me nutso! Last night, and the night before, I spent my evenings curled up under a blanket on my couch because, even with my windows tightly shut, the wind was blowing my curtains and giving me a chill! I NEED NEW WINDOWS!!!! lol not likely I'll get them, but what can ya do? At least I don't pay the heat! lol
It sucks cuz the wind is making me chilly, which is making me tired, and being tired has made me lose my scrapping mojo again! :( Can't wait till it's gone so I can scrap again!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Woot Woot My MOJO is BACK!!!

And it's about time!!!!! I did another page last night. This on is of Owen and my cousin Corey. The pic was taken the day we went to visit my sister and newborn niece. He was fine with Keeley holding her, Maggie holding her and even me, but when Corey tried, he nearly flew out of my arms trying to get to Corey! lol
So I went shopping this morning. I came home with a new toothbrush for Owen, new coats for Marshall and Evan and a new bra for me! Woo hoo!! Now the ladies are back up where they are meant to be! lol On the down side, I can't see my toes anymore....... :p

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SCrapbook page done Sunday night

Here's the layout I did the other night. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. The background page was a little too bright for me, so I inked it with my wedgewood blue distress ink-I love how it turned out-kind of like a mrble or something. Everything else was scraps and stuff I've had forever-got to love it when you use up old things!

Slowly going crazy

ok, so if I'm TOTALLY worn-out after a 4-day weekend, what the heck will I be like in the summer?!?!?! lol I was in and out of sleep from 8pm right until 6:30am! and yet I'm still in a fog today...
I'm in the mood to redo my apartment. I know how I want things, just waiting for the $$ to do it all! lol I'm painting every one's rooms, the boys' beds and dressers, my china cabinet, hallway and bathrooms. It may take me all summer, but that's ok!! lol I've been here 4 years-it's time to make it mine!
The boys will get to pick the color that they want for their rooms, but I think instead of borders I may just get them posters of what they like-a poster is $10, borders are $15 per roll-at least! This way they can change their minds without too much cost involved. I want to keep the baby's room as Pooh for now, and I'll change it when he's older. I'll paint his walls a light blue I think-that matches almost everything!

Just finished registering for baseball-Evan is in T-Ball and Marshall is in the next one up. I was surprised (and tankful!) at how inexpensive it is! I can put them BOTH in baseball for the same price as ONE in soccer! Ron's going half-ers with me too so that's even better. I'm also looking at getting them into swimming lessons for the fall (they should be free and mandatory, IMHO, but that's obviously not going to happen!)

I FINALLY got back into scrapbooking! YAY!!! I did my first page since FEBRUARY the other night! I used a sketch from a challenge, but hey-scrapping is scrapping! I also sketched out another page for myself, which I'm kind of working on right now too-this one may end up being a 3-pager though! lol

Well, enough chatting-time to get some lunch while Owen's sleeping.