Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well, it's Wednesday

Owen has woken up for the past 2 nights. The night before last it was around 3am, last night it was 1:30am. So I'm just about running on empty. I was going to take a nap when he went down this morning, but I NEEDED to clean cuz we're getting a kitten tonight and I wanted the place spic-and-span when he/she got here. Call me crazy but we had a cat before and it liked to pee on things so I'm just scared of that happening again!!
So starting at 10:30am, when Owen went for a nap, I did: dishes, cleaned the counters, stove, washer and fridge, washed the table and chairs, high chair, then the bathrooms (i even washed the walls of the tub, which I barely ever do!), swept, mopped (even the bathroom floors!) then cleaned the living room so it's ready to vacuum when Owen gets up. I'm also doing laundry. And you know what? I have more energy AFTER doing all that, than when I started!!!

So, yeah, I broke down and decided to get one of Mom's kittens. It's orange and looks like my old cat, Taco. Even the boys want to name him Taco! lol Owen is pretty good with him too, so that's good. Mom's bathing him this afternoon and we'll be getting him after supper.

I am soooooo sick of this wind!! It's driving me nutso! Last night, and the night before, I spent my evenings curled up under a blanket on my couch because, even with my windows tightly shut, the wind was blowing my curtains and giving me a chill! I NEED NEW WINDOWS!!!! lol not likely I'll get them, but what can ya do? At least I don't pay the heat! lol
It sucks cuz the wind is making me chilly, which is making me tired, and being tired has made me lose my scrapping mojo again! :( Can't wait till it's gone so I can scrap again!!!

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