Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Slowly going crazy

ok, so if I'm TOTALLY worn-out after a 4-day weekend, what the heck will I be like in the summer?!?!?! lol I was in and out of sleep from 8pm right until 6:30am! and yet I'm still in a fog today...
I'm in the mood to redo my apartment. I know how I want things, just waiting for the $$ to do it all! lol I'm painting every one's rooms, the boys' beds and dressers, my china cabinet, hallway and bathrooms. It may take me all summer, but that's ok!! lol I've been here 4 years-it's time to make it mine!
The boys will get to pick the color that they want for their rooms, but I think instead of borders I may just get them posters of what they like-a poster is $10, borders are $15 per roll-at least! This way they can change their minds without too much cost involved. I want to keep the baby's room as Pooh for now, and I'll change it when he's older. I'll paint his walls a light blue I think-that matches almost everything!

Just finished registering for baseball-Evan is in T-Ball and Marshall is in the next one up. I was surprised (and tankful!) at how inexpensive it is! I can put them BOTH in baseball for the same price as ONE in soccer! Ron's going half-ers with me too so that's even better. I'm also looking at getting them into swimming lessons for the fall (they should be free and mandatory, IMHO, but that's obviously not going to happen!)

I FINALLY got back into scrapbooking! YAY!!! I did my first page since FEBRUARY the other night! I used a sketch from a challenge, but hey-scrapping is scrapping! I also sketched out another page for myself, which I'm kind of working on right now too-this one may end up being a 3-pager though! lol

Well, enough chatting-time to get some lunch while Owen's sleeping.

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